Home for Women and Children
     Shiprock, New Mexico




Please find it in your heart to donate to  the shelter and help the shelter provide services to the many victims/survivors and child victim witnesses in our community!  Thank You! 


 Home For Women and Children


   Ya'at'eeh'...Greetings! We are a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter located on the Navajo Reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico.  We have served the entire Navajo reservation, which covers approximately 26,000 square miles for 32 years.  The program also serves all of the Four Corners area, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.


Mission Statement

    The Home for Women and Children is committed to providing shelter, advocacy, mentoring, and education for families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault through a comprehensive family wellness center, community awareness and involvement, and to identify resources to enhance growth and development. Home for Women and Children is committed to provide these services utilizing traditional Dine' teachings of K'e and Ho'zho (kinship and harmony).



        Navajo society is matriarchal and, in the past, provided safeguards for women by weaving a safety net of nuclear and extended family around them and by affording them high honor and respect. According to the teachings of our grandparents, we are children of the holy people, and our prayers, stories and songs reflect teachings of a pattern of life and guidance for proper conduct in order to live in "Bik'eh hozhoon" (the Beauty Way: harmony, balance, order, peace). This is the foundation of the Dine' ("The People" in Navajo) philosophy of our total being and existence, which encompasses both human and spiritual relationships of all creations.

       One of these holy people is "Changing Woman", who taught us the rules of conduct with our relatives and all of creation. Everything has a life force and deserves respect. Male and female are of equal value and must live and work together to have "Bik'eh hozhoon". A woman represents Beauty Way, love, life, home, security, peace and strength and is responsible for the preservation of our culture and to strengthen our cultural belief, that the family is the foundation of our society. Our prayers and our songs stress the equality and completeness of life. The process of the wedding ceremony teaches the importance of the coming generations. One should value life, respect others, and be a responsible, positive, productive individual.