Home for Women and Children
     Shiprock, New Mexico




Programs and Services

The Home For Women and Children is a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter located in Shiprock, NM on the Navajo Nation.  We serve the communities throughout the Navajo Nation and San Juan County including the Four Corners area. 

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Residential Care

The Home provides shelter, safety and crisis intervention to victims/survivors and their children. The Home is located in Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation and serves the communities within San Juan County and the Four Corners area. HFWC also provides advocacy, referrals, living skills, assessments, legal support, networking, safety planning, counseling, and cultural awareness and support.  

Crisis Intervention

Shelter services provide for overnight residents and walk-in victims 24 hours a day, 365 days/year. Shelter advocates assist residents at the shelter around the clock. Victims/survivors and their children can reside at the shelter for up to 90 days. Special requests for court trials and FBI investigations or additional serious circumstances, or pregnancy/birthing can extend the stay.


The Home provides advocacy for domestic violence and sexual assault victims. The Home utilizes all resources in Shiprock, NM and all of the Four Corners to help families. If necessary, the Home transfers families to other states across the nation for safety.

Legal Advocate   

The Legal Advocate provides advocacy and education on legal protocol for domestic violence. The Legal Advocate will assist residents in filling out and filing the domestic violence protection orders, transport victims to court and advocate during the court session, and provide debriefing upon the close of the court session. Referrals are made to DNA or other legal services when requested



The Home provides many components related to the instruction of the cause of domestic violence and sexual assault. Program Education includes: Victim Support, Offender Re-education, Sexual Assault services, Family Roots and Wings Program (replacing Navajo Healthy Marriage), and Teen Dating Violence education. Advocates realize healing from domestic violence is a lifelong process and invite perpetrators and victims/survivors to return to classes and one-on-one advocacy sessions. These education and support programs are open to the community for perpetrators and victims/survivors, struggling with domestic violence and sexual assault issues.

Cultural Sensitivity 

The Home for Women and Children serves all people and all races from the outlying communities of the San Juan County and Four Corners including Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. With its location on the Navajo Nation, HFWC has a commitment to respect and be aware of traditional teachings of the Navajo people. This is done so by incorporating all aspects of traditional healing including ceremonies, cultural teachings, language, and sweat lodges .

Child Advocacy


The Child Advocate works with parents regarding their children’s issues, and works together with the Shelter Manager and Shelter Advocates to assist the families in the healing process. The Child Advocate will assist the parent with school registration, referrals, and networking. The Child Advocate also provides parenting classes and children’s group, during which the Child Advocate, identifies positive influences, prepares safety plans, discusses abuse issues, does presentations and makes provisions for intakes for families and for goal planning. The Child Advocate also provides recreation, craft making, and organizes celebrations for holidays and birthdays for the children.

  Family Roots        and Wings (replacing Navajo Healthy Marriage)

The Family Roots and Wings Program is replacing Navajo Healthy Marriage and serves the local community and the Four Corners region of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Services include relationship strengthening activities, parenting skills, cultural teachings including Navajo tradition, culture, language, and land base awareness  for Navajo families and youth. Volunteer participants take part in the PREP training which lasts for 6 sessions. Six week sessions are currently taking place and Family Roots and Wings welcomes all new participants and referrals.  This program differs from Navajo Healthy Marriage by combining both the PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) Curriculum with Navajo tradition and culture educating on cultural core values with the objective that families will use their culture as a base or foundation.  Youth are also invited to participate where they will learn leadership skills as they become more familiar with Navajo culture, tradition, and language.  Equine therapy assisted learning is also available to the youth.  Family Roots and Wings plans on having 4 horse therapy sessions a year.

The sessions are ongoing for six weeks every Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  We invite the community!  Come and join us and tell your families!   Group sessions will be meeting throughout the end of the year.All sessions are free and open to the community.  Call Family Roots and Wings today for more information at 505-598-4088 or email at mistye@homeforwomenandchildren.com




Offender Program



The Home for Women and Children Offender’s Program will provide education, advocacy, and crisis support to offenders in the community and access to resources to promote a violence free life. The Community Educator provides presentations/education on the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault and teaches skills in healing. The Community Educator and offenders will set goals that focus on the cessation of abuse or violence, whether physical or non-physical, and that is mindful of the safety of the victim and/or current partner and children.


Networking & Collaboration 


HFWC utilizes resources in the Shiprock and the Four Corners area to help families in need. HFWC belongs to the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women, Navajo Nation Advisory Council against Domestic Violence and other State, National and Tribal consortiums with issues directed to domestic violence and sexual assault. HFWC collaborates with many programs: Legal system, DNA, local and regional Law Enforcement, Social Services, Health Services, Educational Services, Housing Services, Navajo Traditional Teachers, and Elders. Task Forces includes: San Juan County, Shiprock, Utah, McKinley County, Full Faith and Credit Committee, New Mexico State Coalition against Domestic Violence, Native American Women’s Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Northern Navajo Medical Center Health Promotions, Veterans Center, Farmington ,N.M. Department of Behavioral Health, Shiprock Chapter House, Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health, Colleges, Schools and Businesses.

Sexual Assault 

HFWC and Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock, NM, have been working together collaboratively to strengthen the communities capacity to immediately respond to the sexual assault of American Indian women, increase advocacy and services to victims of sexual assault, and strengthen coordination between tribal and federal agencies to respond to crimes of sexual assault of American Indian women. Advocacy services will provide immediate outreach and services to victims of sexual assault after the crime is committed, assist with accessing healthcare services and assist in working with tribal justice agencies. HFWC presently supports tribal ceremonial services that increase victim safety and autonomy and will combine intervention programs with traditional healing practices.

Grandparent Foster Program



Many victims and their children find themselves confused and hurt. HFWC is grateful to have volunteer grandmothers who provide comfort, care, and encouragement to them as they stay at the shelter. Their reassuring words and their mothering spirit help the victims and their children with the healing process. They tell stories of tradition and experiences. They help the mothers with living skills, teaching them how to cook from scratch and to cook traditionally. They teach traditional songs to the children.


Victim Support 


The Home provides many teachings related to the dynamics of domestic violence. Advocates for Harmony provide education to victims/survivors offering weekly group sessions. Healing from domestic violence is a lifelong process and the victim support group invites victims/survivors to return to sessions anytime. These education and support programs are open to the community for those that struggle with domestic violence issues.



Staff Development



Each year, staff is provided with training and education to maintain appropriate skills and knowledge while working with domestic violence and sexual assault victims/survivors. Many funding agencies mandate the numbers of hours of training and education required in order to receive the agency’s funds. Basic C.P.R. certification is required each year.


Community Education 


The Home has community educators who do presentations in the community. Training is provided for law enforcement, courts, businesses, and medical and mental health programs. Home for Women and Children also provides education to school age children and teens and regarding Teen Dating Violence Education.